About this bookstore

This website is a reconstruction of the fictional website www.thunderbirdandwhale.com from the first Twilight movie.

When Bella searches for the bookstore in the internet (the 35th minute in the film), she clicks the link www.thunderbirdandwhale.com. In real life this domain exists but shows nothing but a white page. The owner of the link is not a brave citizen of the lovely town Port Angeles but the film production company Summit Entertainment. Surely, they did it to protect the domain from becoming entered by crazy twilight guys like me. Correct so far ;)

But I was curious to take a closer look at the webpage that is shown in the film. As it doesn't exist in real life I decided to make up my own website designed close to the website in the film.

In the first step I made screenshots from the film.The film never shows the whole page of the bookstore. The camera moves over the webpage, so you see only parts of it. I collected as many screenshots as necessary to get as many parts of the webpage as possible. It was a tricky work to assemble all the single parts, because the perspective of the camera is slopy, the pictures are sheared. Nothing fits without restretching, reshearing, rotating, rescaling the pictures. At the end the film shows about 80% of the webpage. So I added some selfmade pieces in the margin area, for example the left part of the bookstore logo. But in the main I tried to be close to the film as much as possible.

About the logo

This is a real thunderbird and whale logo found in La Push: ['Thunderbird with Whale' by Dru! at flickr under creative commons license CC BY-NC 2.0]