Welcome to my private Twilight Land!

All this started for me with the first Twilight movie when I became fascinated from a world existing 'beside'. Nowadays I can't find that the Twilight movies are the best films I have ever seen. But I got caught from the idea to become part of a mystic world - a some kind of 'better' world, a world where at long last the good triumphs over the evil, where love, friendship and loyalty are not corrupted by the way of real life. Kitschy? Soupy? Yes ;)

Have you ever asked yourself what a realistic door between the mystic and the real world could be? A gate that exists in real life and that guides you directly to the mystic world? An interface that provides the key? A button you can press to jump into the world 'beside'? Well it's easy. Do the same thing as your heros do in the film. Visit the same websites as they do. Type the same website address into the browser as they do. Letter by letter...

Just type into the input field of your internet browser. Or click at the link. That's the way Bella does it in the movie in the specific moment when she searches for a bookstore in Port Angeles to go along with her friends for some shopping.

I am cheating? Yes, a little bit. Actually the domain is reserved by the entertainment company that produces the Twilight movies. So I decided to create my own internet universe where all domains are free. Whenever I find an interesting website in the fictional world, I give it a place in my own twilight world. Sometimes in a simple way, sometimes by elaborated redesign. Some examples:

Some websites are used in the films where I don't know the (fictional) domain. But I find them worthy to be part of my Twilight Land:

And yes - TADADA :) - indeed, I can call some few fictional domains my own: