Thunderbird & Whale Bookstore in Port Angeles

The Thunderbird and Whale Bookstore bookstore in Port Angeles is a fictional place. In real life it is an attorney’s office that was transformed into the bookstore in Port Angeles where Bella buys a book about Quileute legends after finding it on the internet in her bedroom. (Informations about the real life building here)

In the movie Bella searches for the website When Bella goes to the websites menu and clicks at the Maps link (see above at this page), a fictional map of Port Angeles appears. The location of the Thunderbird and Whale Bookstore is marked with a red star. I have searched for the location as it is shown in the fictional map and compared it with Google Maps:

This is the map in real life: Google Maps

Here you see the surrounding area of the bookstore: Google Maps

The bookstore may be in the small building at 121 E Railroad Ave: Google Maps

As in the film there are trees infront of the building and even there is a parking lot nearby. In real life it is the Regional Chamber of Commerce. The building in the film is in real life an attorney office. So quite similar.

Have a look at the building via Street View: Google Maps

The bookstores' building of the movie: