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Thanks for doing this great website!

Greetings from Germany


Thanks for the little website/project

It's really fun to go back to the fandom and find stuff like this x


whos your fav twilight character?


I've no special favorite character. But I like the idea of the twilight universe. And I like the location of Forks and the Peninusula Island: nature and wood as far as you can see, thinly populated and near the Pacific Ocean.


Do you sell real books

Solar Santiago alvarez:

i would like to but this book "Quileute Legends" but i cant seem to buy it for some reson


Do you have the Quileute Legends and History book?


Hi Alondra, I wish I could. This is a fictional bookstore ;)


I feel you and I may be a similar specific type of twilight superfan...

I randomly punched in the on-screen URL when I noticed it today (after seeing that scene a million times haha) and it totally made my day to find the amazing site you've created here. Best little easter egg I could have ever hoped for.

Thanks for keeping this site alive. :)




i saw your german too but i don’t know really so i will start with english.

I just watched the twilight saga again, and googled, just for fun, the same Thing Like bella. „Quileute Legends“. First i thought i could really find books that have nothing to Do with twilight. But i didnt find anything except old fan Blogs. Then i found your Website. I first thought this is a real Book store in La Push. I really ask myself if your page was used in the movies..

I dont know if your still active and read this here. But your page is amazing and all your Tools! I loved your Pictures and your links to other pages. I also saw the map with real Pictures and the page where You showed every Building in twilight in real! Maybe i will visit them & hopfully find them with your Page! Im pretty sure Stephenie Mayer would be so proud of a fanpage like that. Im too. I hope your still active here and i get a email from you back

Your Twilighter Nils